Saturday, December 18, 2010

T -15 - Why & TODAYS MISSION - email Inbox

I'm a goal setter so every year around this time I start thinking about what I've accomplished and what I'd like to accomplish in the coming year. Most of this past year I've felt overwhelmed and under-inspired. The clutter everywhere in my life is not leaving space for new stuff. No space on the table, in the bedroom, in the inbox, on the calendar.

So this year I am taking control. Every day (when I'm not under a deadline or traveling) I will tackle a new place. It will be a very small thing (like a closet, a drawer, an inbox...ok, maybe just one month of emails in the inbox). By keeping it nice and small it will be achievable. Maybe if I take one baby step a day, by the end of next year there will be plenty of space and I will be sooooo INSPIRED.

You're welcome to join me on my mission. Let's see if we can't clean up this mess...

The email inbox
-unsubscribe to all the lists I don't care about
-make a rule in my Outlook that puts the daily SPAM emails in the TRASH
-Review the oldest 3 month period of emails that are still sitting in my current Inbox and move them to the ArchivedInbox or delete them
Continuing the mission - keep only those emails that I might "NEED" in the future

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